M&J Photo Studio


Hello, Bongu, Ciao, Thank you for stopping by! We're Mags + Joe and we are M & J Photo Studio.

M & J Photo Studio is a full service photography studio owned by Mags + Joe, a wife + husband team based out of H'Attard ,Malta and available worldwide.

Who we are?

We met at university where we both studied to be photographers.... one of us stayed in it for last 15 years (Joe) and one of us (Mags) did a full 360 from photography via visual display, creative design, wedding design and planning back to photography.

"Opposites attracts" that's right we are living proof of it as we are complete opposites; Mags lives for coffee, Joe is all about tea. Mags is all about romantic comedies, Joe's pvr is a geek fest. Mags is a perfectionist who lives for details while Joe embraces the whole big picture.

Together we LOVE: our daughter , our two puppies and CAPTURING YOUR MOMENTS in life be that your weddings, maternity or family sessions. It's that combination of being the opposites that makes our lives rich and our photography unique.

So That's all about us...In a nutshell. We love to meet YOU. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily goodies and eye candy!


PHOTOGRAPHER & Media Specialist


PHOTOGRAPHER & Creative Director